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Top 10 Activities To Fill Your Circuit Breaker Days

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Staying at home for weeks during the Circuit Breaker may be an unsettling ordeal that leaves many of us restless and anxious. Shift your perspective and focus on what you can be in control of. Instead of harping on the handful of things that you can no longer do, why don’t you fill your days with activities? In fact, here’s a list of 10 things you can consider doing at home whilst you patiently wait for the COVID-19 situation to blow over.

1. A Much-Needed Downtime

With the imposed Circuit Breaker measures, this means that you’ll be spending more time at home. Whilst it may be somewhat disorienting, many will find it challenging to be productive at home, especially with the constant distractions. However, do not conflate productivity with achievements or even your self-worth. Productive guilt is, unfortunately, adamant with a society that prioritises results. Thus, use this time to slow down your lifestyle and allow yourself to truly rest. Don’t be pressured to be productive at every single second – instead, focus on doing activities that will give you a mental and emotional reprieve, and improve on your physical health.

2. Connect With Your Closed Ones

As the adage goes, distance makes your heart fonder. The inability to physically meet your loved ones will make your catch-up sessions much more meaningful. Furthermore, it’s even more crucial, seeing as how the coronavirus has spread rampant and have claimed numerous lives. So, be sure to catch up with your loved ones and ask how they are faring. Overcome your loneliness by calling or video calling your loved ones.

3. Exercise

Exercising has increased ever since the Circuit Breaker measures were implemented. If you wish to limit spending your time outdoors, you can always bring exercise to your home. Give a shot at indoor cardio workouts or even yoga. There are several online classes and tutorials you can always refer to, if you needed guidance. With the ongoing coronavirus, it’s all the more important to keep your physical health in check.

4. Create Some Quarantined Art

Let those creative juices flow into creating art and perhaps try your hand at painting, crocheting or even embroidery! Not only is art-making a great form of distraction from the current dire situation, but it also allows you to express your bottled emotions that have little to no avenue to release. It may also grant you a new perspective to things you may have deemed ordinary, otherwise.

Seeing as how non-essential stores have temporarily ceased their operations, you can look head down to online shops that deliver art materials. Once you’ve gotten your hands on them, look at to YouTube for inspiration. For painting newbies, Bob Ross is a great start.

5. Learn How To Cook Or Bake

The first few days of the Circuit Breaker measures will have you realising that eating out is not an economically viable option for most of us. While food deliveries are convenient, the costs of delivery fees will eventually add up and it might be something that you would rather be saving instead. Thus, it has become an incentive for many of us to cook or at least, learn how to maneuver in the kitchen. If you’re new to cooking, pick up a recipe from a book or a cooking show. Try your hand at homemade baking bread! Furthermore, cooking and baking are great activities if you wish to bond with your loved ones. And you are likely to end up with a scrumptious meal, so it’s a win-win situation.

6. Practice Meditation

One of the few ways to keep yourself grounded in this hectic and disorienting time is to practice meditation. Quiet your mind and practise your deep breathing techniques. The essential idea is to cultivate a sense of mindfulness and the ability to be aware and present, which is arguably a lost art. It may be rather hard to do dive straight into, especially with how we’re wired to keep things moving all the time, so you may want to consider some apps to help you with the entire process. Aura, for instance, is an app that not only offers guidance on mindfulness meditations, but it also provides music, inspiring stories and life coaching to help you cultivate a sense of gratitude and direction.

7. Pick Up A New Skill

Apart from putting a halt to several of our plans, the global pandemic has also either witness a drop in our earnings or at the worst situation, lose a job altogether. Also, with the looming recession in the few months after the recovery period, it doesn’t spell good news. To improve your prospects, it will do you good if you pick up new skills amidst the chaos. Improving yourself brings in more than just self-gratification, but also give you leverage should you decide to venture out. Pick up a foreign language or learn how to code! That said, you can always pick up a new skill to find a new hobby! It doesn’t necessarily need to be based on pragmatism – you can learn for the sake of having fun. Don’t let the calamitous situation dull your sense of fun and stop you from living.

8. Go Back To Reading

As we grow up, reading has become more elusive as the years pass by. Whether it’d be from the eyestrain or the distractions, it’s a challenging skill to pick up once again. You can always start with your favourite novel or pick up a new short story. Go a step further and set up the number of books you’d like to finish every week or month. This way, you can ease back into reading and it’ll once again be an enjoyable past time.

9. Listen To Audiobooks Or Podcasts

If you’re not one for reading, you can always listen! Subscribe to audiobooks and listen to the narrator painting the scene for you. Or you can always hop over to podcasts and gain new insights on several a wide range of topics. There are several apps you can browse on, but Audible and Spotify are great resources to get you started. Who knows, perhaps down the line, you may even start your own podcast channel!

10. Talk To A Therapist

Last but definitely not least, seek out a therapist if you need an avenue for an emotional reprieve. With the ongoing stress from COVID-19, maintaining your wellbeing does not stop at the mere physical – your mental and emotional wellbeing are just as important. If you need to seek refuge, do not hesitant to reach out to either a loved one or a professional who can guide you through your confusing emotions and thought process.

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