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Is It Risky For Businesses To Acquire A Loan Amid COVID-19

Unlike what most people assume, owning and running a small business is not always glitters and gold. Just like the unpredictability of life, businesses may either work or fail. What is popularly believed is that business owners have the best time of their lives, taking vacations at will. But this is not often the reality of the matter.

The importance of loans for small businesses

Cash flow is one of the most ubiquitous problems faced by small businesses, which is part of the reason why small businesses and companies take long term and short term small business loans in Singapore to help run their business ventures. Luckily, there are licensed money lenders that can provide fast cash to help in their business requirements, from operational expenses to employee salaries.

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on small businesses

The novel coronavirus has impacted the economy globally, with small businesses taking the hit. It appears that we still have a long way to go before this virus is contained, so many business owners are uncertain about how they can tide over this period of time.

With little income generated, when it is evident that the economy of every country may take a significant amount of time to recover. For these businesses, the economic environment seems too risky, and some of them have been forced to lay off as much as three-quarters of their workforce. It is difficult to sustain a business when the amount of income generated does not break even.

Providing help for businesses to survive

With a crisis like this, there is no denying that some form of financial assistance is necessary to alleviate the struggles of businesses. While the Singapore government is providing financial schemes to assist businesses, the funds can be limited for some. On top of that, certain businesses may not be able to meet the minimum requirements.

As such, business loans become more favourable and appealing to business owners. They won’t have to dip into their personal funds and savings to keep their business afloat and maintain the salaries of their staff. When you sign a loan package with a licensed money lender, you are able to determine the contract requirements of your loan and fully understand your loan obligations. Repayment terms can be discussed according to your situation and capability, so you won’t have to fret about missing the deadline or not having enough cash to pay back.


During this time of uncertainties when most businesses are at the brink of filing for bankruptcy; loans could be the easiest and feasible ways to stay afloat until the market recovers once everything is under control. Through attaining a quick loan approval, your personal finances won’t be affected as you take care of your business operational needs.

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