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Best Electric Motorised Wheelchairs To Buy in Singapore – Pay in Affordable 6-12 Month Instalments

It can be hard to know where to start looking when you need to buy a new electric wheelchair. With all the different makes and models out there, it can be difficult to figure out which one is right for you. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best electric wheelchairs on the market today and what you need to consider before making your purchase. So if you’re in need of a new wheelchair, read on for some helpful advice!

Living with a disability is difficult and more so without proper support equipment. Moreover, with the high prices of devices like motorised wheelchairs and stricter loan processes, it is a real struggle to get these life-easing devices for disabled individuals.

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1. Falcon JRWD503 Economy Dual Function Power Wheelchair – $1499

The Falcon JRWD503 Economy Dual Function Power Wheelchair is an ideal choice for those who need a lightweight, reliable power wheelchair with plenty of features and functions to get around on. With an impressive weight capacity of up to 120kg, the Falcon JRWD503 provides all day comfort and support for users of all sizes. The adjustable backrest allows you to find your perfect position whilst the padded armrests are easy to adjust too, so you can sit in comfort wherever you go.

2. Vertex Mobility Signature Electric Wheelchair – $1050

Vertex Mobility Signature Electric Wheelchair

The Vertex Signature Electrical Wheelchair weighs only 45 kg but boasts an average milage of 20 km and is powered by 2 rear wheel motor drivers. With the dual automatic electronic braking system, you can brake on a steep slope without worrying about rolling back. The detachable Footrests makes user transfers a breeze and the KW2200 Electrical Wheelchair also folds like a normal wheelchair which fits well into most car boots.

3. KD Smart Portable Power Wheelchair – $2600


The KD Smart Chair is a lightweight and very portable electric wheelchair! It weighs only 26 kg, folds and unfolds easily in seconds for easy transport, and holds up to 115 kg.

Using lightweight Lithium Ion batteries, aluminium alloy and brushless motors, the KD Smart Chair is highly portable and of high performance. This portable electric wheelchair can travel up to 15 km and at a maximum speed of 6 km/h. The batteries are also travel-friendly, as both are rated only 120WH, which is below the 160WH limit imposed by airlines. They can be easily detached and brought on board as hand-carry baggage.

Highly Recommended for users who need an electric wheelchair that is both affordable and light enough for a care giver to load into a car/taxi.

4. Invacare P9000 XDT Electric Wheelchair

Invacare P9000 XDT Electric Wheelchair

This wheelchair features the traditional rear-wheel drive. This feature, combined with its compact size, make it a highly manoeuvrable and accessible electric wheelchair. It is controlled using a joystick and features a height-adjustable backrest that gives the user the most comfortable riding experience. It may be compact and small, but this wheelchair can accommodate people with a weight of up to 250 lb. It can deliver a maximum speed of 4 kilometres per hour.

5. Drive Medical PW 800AX Electric Power Wheelchair – $3300

Drive Medical PW 800AX Electric Power Wheelchair

If you are looking for an electric wheelchair that can also function manually, this is one option that you should look into. Aside from this fantastic feature, you would be happy to know that this wheelchair is made from a high-grade aircraft aluminum alloy frame (which is both durable and lightweight) that is perfect for traveling. The structure of the wheelchair can accommodate up to 150 kgs.

On the other hand, the wheelchair is equipped with large rear wheels that are also made of equally durable magnesium alloy. It also has a powerful 200-watt motor and uses longer lasting Polymer Li-ion batteries. The wheelchair has a foldable and compact design, adjustable armrests and footrests, and foldable backrest and seat.

6. RELYNC YLB Motorised Electric Wheelchair – $1499

RELYNC YLB Motorised Electric Wheelchair

RELYNC YLB motorised electric wheelchair allows the user to drive the wheelchair by the touch of a joystick. This motorised electric wheelchair is useful for those who have limited use of their hands or find it tiring to use a manual wheelchair. It gives the user independence and freedom to go out and continue to enjoy their life.

This sturdy wheelchair can travel long distance outdoors and move easily within the house too. In addition, the RELYNC YLB motorised electric wheelchair is foldable, making it ideal for easy transportation in vehicles or travels.

7. AGIS WS21 Portable Lightweight Power Wheelchair 33kg

AGIS WS21 Portable Lightweight Power Wheelchair 33kg

AGIS WS21 Portable Lightweight Power Wheelchair makes portability and transportation easy and convenient. It can support weight capacity of up to 150kg. It is made with aluminium and well-constructed frames which achieves the solidity and safety. It comes with 12V x 2 – 20AH Lithium battery and has a powerful 24W 250W brushless motor rear-wheel drive. Front wheel is 8 inch and rear wheel is 12 inches. It can travel up to 25km.

It comes with removable cushion and storage bad in case you need to bring stuff along. In addition, it has a joy sticker controller which can be mounted on the left or right side and comfortable armrest for you to rest on. Besides, it has 4 position adjustable backrest, adjustable leg guards, adjustable footrest and anti-tipping wheel.

8. Sunrise Medical Quickie Q200 R Rear-Wheel Powered Wheelchair – $4800

Sunrise Medical Quickie Q200 R Rear-Wheel Powered Wheelchair

QUICKIE Q200 R uses an innovative testing method called SMART base technology. This helped us to understand how geometry changes to a drive base can affect performance, creating a precision-measured TRUE indoor/outdoor powerchair.

From SMART base development the Q200 R powerchair boasts a small footprint of 580 mm wide and 1070 mm long, with a 1700 mm turning circle. The Q200 provides greater stability to prevent tipping and is ideal for the taller and larger user, with a max. weight of 136kg. Unbelievably it is light at 98 kg with a fold down back, the Q200 R is also easy to hoist in and out of your car.

9. MWHEEL LS Motorised Electric Wheelchair – $2299

MWHEEL LS Motorised Electric Wheelchair

Instead of manually manoeuvring the wheelchair, the MOBOT MWheel LS allows the user to drive the wheelchair by the touch of a joystick.

This motorised electric wheelchair is useful for those who have limited use of their hands or find it tiring to use a manual wheelchair. The MWheel LS comes with front suspensions, anti-tip features and intelligent braking for a stable and comfortable drive.

This wheelchair folds and unfolds in seconds and can conveniently fit into most car trunks. Powered by 2 x of 120W DC brushless motor and 2 x 6.6AH detachable lithium-ion battery, this motorised electric wheelchair can travel at 6KM/H (max) covering a good distance of 20 – 25KM on a single charge.

10. Ultra-Lite 2 Lightweight Motorised Wheelchair (16 KG) – $2299

Ultra-Lite 2 Lightweight Motorised Wheelchair (16 KG)

At 16 kg without footrests and battery, the Ultra-Lite 2 is one of the lightest motorised wheelchair in the world. With an upgraded controller and brakes, the Ultra-Lite 2 is easy to control and powerful enough to brake on slopes. It is also easy to set the brakes to neutral and push the chair manually when needed.

An attendant control bracket is included for free, allowing the caregiver to shift the joystick and control the wheelchair from behind. This is particularly useful for caregivers who may not have the strength to push the user over long distances or up a slope.
Each wheelchair comes with 2 easy-to-detach lithium batteries which don’t require tools to remove. Each battery is rated 144WH. Under existing regulations most airlines allow 2 of such batteries on board as carry-on luggage, per passenger, without prior approval. It takes about 4-6 hours to charge the batteries.

Benefits of an electric wheelchair

Needless to say, an electric wheelchair offers several major benefits that manual wheelchairs can never match, some of which are as follows-

  • When it comes to wheelchairs, the manual ones can be pretty tiring to push around as the person would have to carry their, as well as the wheelchair’s weight, which can be a pretty difficult thing to do. On the other hand, an electric wheelchair can make motion a cakewalk. They can be easily used by anyone, even people who do not possess the upper body strength to push a manual wheelchair.
  • Manual wheelchairs are difficult to turn and park, and cannot be used everywhere, unlike an electric wheelchair, as they are simply not capable enough. Electric wheelchairs are extremely versatile, and can be used in a variety of places, be it indoors or outdoors. They can be easily maneuvered in tight spaces as well, thanks to their small turning radius.
  • Manual wheelchairs are downright unsafe as they do not possess any stabilizing function whatsoever, while electric wheelchairs do. They are far safer than manual wheelchairs since they are much less likely to tip over due to their low center of gravity.
  • Versatility is important when it comes to wheelchairs, and the electric ones are pretty capable at thatElectric wheelchairs can be modified easily with larger wheels, something that would give them the potential to climb up steep ramps without breaking a sweat.
  • They are supremely easy to operate, and can be driven around with a single joystick as the sole control center.

These are some of the factors that make electric wheelchairs the one to go for.

So, as you witnessed, wheelchairs are an absolute necessity for someone who needs them to get around on a daily basis, and an electronic wheelchair is significantly better than manual ones as the benefits that they bring to the table is immense. While looking for a suitable electronic wheelchair in Singapore, it would be a good idea to test them out before committing to one, as comfort and operability are significant aspects when it comes to using them on a regular basis.

If you are wondering about the financing options, you should check out the licensed moneylender in Singapore as they would be facilitating a quick and convenient approval and disbursal process, something that would come in handy while looking for an electric wheelchair for yourself, or a near and dear one.

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