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Top 5 Ways To Collect More Air Miles With Your Credit Card In Singapore

You might have already come across credit card companies that try to promote lucrative miles rewards programs. You may have also watched videos of people flying around the world at minimal costs by using credit card miles. It might seem daunting at first, but using your credit card to gather miles can actually help you in making trips that you desire. Once you know how credit card miles work, you can consider whether you wish to earn them.

How do airline miles work?

Airline miles, also called frequent flier miles, are an airline’s currency that you could use by redeeming them for your flights, staying at hotels, and other rewards. Depending on the airline, the currency might be called “points” instead of miles but both terms mean the same thing.

Depending on the airline you are traveling, you can use miles to book multiple flights with the same airline or possibly with partner airlines.

The amount each major airline awards you in miles is variable. Note that the flights which you choose affect your valuation. For instance, a major airline has a system wherein points usually have a fixed value corresponding to the fare of a particular flight. Other airlines have an award chart to decide how many miles you shall earn for a specific flight. These costs are usually based on the places you are flying to and from.

Top 5 ways to collect more air miles with your credit card

If you are a frequent flyer, you might wonder: how do I get the most miles on my credit card? In this section, we shall look at the top five ways in which you can attain the same.

Choose the right credit card in Singapore

As someone new to the concept of credit card miles, you might be wondering: how to earn airline miles with credit card? Credit card miles are a kind of loyalty benefit that some credit cards give to their customers as a reward for how much they spend on their cards. The more money that you spend on your credit card, the more miles you can accumulate. The airline partner and credit card company set a value for each credit card mile. When you have gathered enough miles of value, you could use your credit card miles to redeem a free seat for your next flight.

Before you can start earning credit card miles, you need to first apply for a credit card that comes with a miles rewards program. Almost every major credit card issuing company has a minimum of one credit card with miles. Choose the right card for yourself by reviewing your spending habits and goals for attaining miles. Stay on the lookout for sign-up bonuses. Some credit cards, for instance, have been known to offer 3,000 welcome air miles upon signing up. We shall look more into the best credit card for airline miles no annual fee shortly.

Dine outside and pay with your credit card

Another way to accumulate miles on your credit card and prevent them from expiring is to connect your credit card to the dining program of a frequent flyer. When a meal at a participating restaurant is charged to the card, you can earn air miles based on the size of the tab. You might also gather miles towards flights on other dining related purchases by using your credit card to pay for the meals even if the restaurant isn’t linked with any credit card miles counter or airline alliance.  

Since miles operate on a revenue-based model, by spending on your card, you would be able to gather points on items like starters, main courses, desserts, etc. as long as you settle the bill with your credit card.

Book hotels by using your credit card

Several airport hotels maintain a partnership with air miles credit cards, and by checking into these affiliated hotels, you would certainly be accumulating more air miles, which makes it a better deal than paying in cash or staying somewhere that isn’t affiliated with any such partner.

This is a particularly interesting method that one can avail to garner miles since travelling entails staying at hotels in most cases. This is a great way to boost your mile counter while on the move.

Even spending more at airport lobbies with your credit card would deliver air miles that can be redeemed later.

Shop frequently to grab more air miles

As groceries make up one of the largest expenses in a family, focus on shopping for your groceries at places which have partnerships with airline companies. Some grocery sponsors can offer points bonuses on various products on a weekly basis. If you are strategic, you could earn up to 100 air miles on every grocery store visit.

Another tip is that airline companies often have shopping portals on their websites. By going to these portals first and clicking to a participating merchant, you could earn miles on your purchases. Note, however, that spending money through a shopping portal solely to gather miles could backfire for you. If you are carrying a balance on your credit card from month to month, the value of any additional travel rewards that you earn could be negated by the payable interest amount.

Book rental cars with your credit card.

Whenever we travel to a new city, one of the first conundrums that we face is that of rental cars, and these cars are usually availed of from the airport itself. Several rental car operators provide credit card miles if one uses their credit cards to pay for the rides and the cars. This is a great method of obtaining credit card miles as this enables you to keep earning even when you are on a vacation, and not flying. However, before opting for this method, it is best to check at an early stage of the miles program is active or not, so that any untoward hassle can be avoided.

Book flight tickets with your credit cards

A point that is largely overlooked, flying, is of course one of the easiest ways you can earn miles. Since there has been a shift to revenue-based programs, purchasing an expensive flight ticket with your credit card might get you more miles than a less expensive one. This is true even if the latter covers a larger distance than the former one.

The exact value of miles depends on the particular airline you are flying with. Some frequent flyer programs will allow you to buy miles but prior to doing that, make an estimate of what you shall pay to ensure that it is worth the cost.

Bonus air miles with new credit cards

Credit card issuing companies frequently provide bonus miles in order to entice you to sign up for a credit card that is branded with a specific airline. Sometimes a miles bonus could be big enough for you to claim a free seat on an aircraft. At the same time, there might be certain terms and conditions that you have to meet, such as spending money within a time frame to attain travel rewards. These bonuses could be useful especially if you are planning a big trip in the future and expect to spend a specific amount of money on it.

Top 5 Best Air Miles Credit Cards in Singapore

  • American Express – Singapore Airlines
  • KrisFlyer credit card
  • Citi PremierMiles Card
  • DBS Altitude Card
  • UOB PRVI Miles Card
  • HSBC Visa Infinite Card
  • Maybank Horizon Card
  • OCBC 90°N Card
  • Amex KrisFlyer Card
  • UOB KrisFlyer Card


Travelling is a passion that is nurtured by a large number of people all over the world, and many travels for work as well. In this day and age, flying is the best option that one can opt for, as they are not just safe, but also helps save a lot of time as well. By following the aforementioned methods, you can collect many travel miles on your credit card, which would help you experience a flying experience like none other. You can use these miles to upgrade to business or first class, an unrivaled experience. Maintaining a credit card, as using it to gather air miles would inherently develop a sense of financial discipline as well.

Getting miles reward is a lucrative offer for those travelling regularly on airlines. These flier miles or points allow you to redeem them for the next flights and save greater on your credit card bills. Most credit cards bring these flier miles offers for their clients and offer them to take frequent trips for miles redemption. As much as the use of credit cards is beneficial so is it tough to repay the bills on time. Quick Loan is a licensed money lender that brings you Credit Card Consolidation Loan to repay your credit card bills on time. If you have debts across multiple credit cards, this low-interest loan can help you to efficiently manage the debts.

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In addition to the above suggestions, there are some other ways that you can use to maximize your frequent flier miles. Redeem miles carefully and especially if you are using international flights. Book your tickets early and avoid traveling during peak season as it can help you to save up to 75% on your purchase. Also, many airlines offer bonus miles on social media if you watch their videos or participate in surveys.

If you are searching for the best airline miles credit card, you can go for Citi PremierMiles, DBS Altitude, Amex KrisFlyer, or UOB KrisFlyer. If you want the best credit card for international travel no annual fee, DBS Altitude and Maybank Horizon credit cards offer waivable annual fees.

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