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5 Reasons Why You Should Apply And Secure A Personal Loan

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From time to time, most people can use a little financial help to achieve personal goals or invest in some self-improvement. Taking out a personal loan can also come in handy to alleviate the economic stress, during periods when the economy is facing a crisis and you are feeling the pinch. Especially with the current pandemic of COVID-19, it can be stressful to deal with your finances when you have to take care of your health and loved ones. You can have a peace of mind stocking up on supplies to help prepare your home for the unexpected.

Through licensed money lenders in Singapore, you can obtain fast cash with instant loan approval to help tide you over in certain economic circumstances. Here are some of the reasons you should consider to apply for a personal loan.

1. Cater for unplanned emergency expenses

Unforeseen emergencies can occur anytime and you may not always have that spare cash to pay for those urgent expenses. Two of the most common emergencies that are can be heavy on the wallet are funeral expenses and medical bills. When a death occurs, some families may be overwhelmed on how to manage the funeral cost, especially when the funeral services can quickly add up to a large sum. Health and medical care can also be quite expensive – cosmetic surgeries, dental care and illnesses are all accompanied by significant expenses, in which personal loans can help to lessen your financial burden by allowing you to pay in instalments. This also includes ancillary expenses like medications, aftercare and medical travel.

2. Support a large purchase

Household troubles can strike unexpectedly and you may find yourself needing a new fridge or washer. Personal loans can support your purchase of major household appliances and electronics immediately, instead of waiting for months to save up for them. With that said, instant cash loans are highly flexible for anything you wish to spend on. If you’re eyeing on the latest smartphone or luxury handbag, you won’t have to fret about missing out due to the lack of funds.

3. Moving house expenses

Got a new BTO? Upsizing your house to grow your family? Moving house from one part of Singapore to another can cost a fair bit of money. Most people have bulky furniture that cannot fit into a car, can they look into a house moving service or mover to shift the contents of their home. Prices vary depending on the distance between the two properties, the number of trips made, and the number of belongings being transported. You may also need to factor in the cost of packaging like cartons and boxes to store and protect your items during the move, as well as the charges incurred for dismantling and setting up of furniture. With a quick cash loan, it can provide some help in financing your move.

4. Learn a new skill

Personal development can help you in areas of your work or simply enable you to achieve a sense of fulfilment when pursuing your own objectives. There are also numerous benefits when you take the step to invest in yourself and chase your own goals – you’ll gain a better sense of direction, be more focused, improve motivation and more. Whether you wish to sharpen your skills for your career path or take on a new hobby, this is the opportunity for learning and self-improvement. Don’t let money keep you away from developing yourself; taking a personal loan can help to cover the costs of school fees or tuition fees required to upgrade your knowledge and skills.

5. Consolidate debt

Having multiple debts from credit cards can put you in a dangerous financial entanglement that spells trouble. Personal loans can step in to help by consolidating your debts so you can combine all the outstanding balance amounts into one monthly payment. As such, it makes it easier for you to work out a timeframe and settle your debts without getting overwhelmed. You can pay the remaining debts with a clear end date in sight.


At the end of the day, personal loans can be utilised for just about anything and are not necessarily limited to the reasons above. Securing a personal loan in Singapore is relatively easy. You won’t have to worry about struggling in hardships when there is financial help through quick cash loans. Talk to our financial advisors at QuickLoan Pte Ltd to discuss how personal loans can help with your needs and secure the suitable loan package for you.

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