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Ang Mo Kio Licensed Moneylender

Ang Mo Kio Licensed Moneylender

“Ang Mo Kio, often abbreviated as AMK, is a planning area and residential town situated in the North-East of Singapore. Ang Mo Kio is the 3rd most populated planning area in the North-East Region.”

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Managing Risk in Financial Business.

Risk Management is a great topic in the financial business. Rapid changes in business condition, restructuring of organizations to cope with ever-increasing competition, development of new products, emerging markets and increase in cross border transactions along with the complexity of operations have exposed Financial Institutions to new risk dimensions. Thus the concept of risk has captured growing importance in modern financial society.

Types of Risks:

Risks are usually defined by the adverse impact on the profitability of several distinct sources of uncertainty. More or less all financial institutions have to manage the following faces of risks: Broadly speaking there are four risks as per Risk Management Guidelines which surround the Financial Sector, i.e. Credit Risk, Market Risk, Liquidity Risk, and Operational Risk. These risks are elaborated hereunder:

ii. Market Risk

Market risk is defined as the volatility of income or market value due to fluctuations in underlying market factors such as currency, interest rates, or credit spreads. For commercial banks, the market risk of the substantial liquidity investment portfolio arises from mismatches between the risk profile of the assets and their funding. This risk involves interest rate risk in all of its components: equity risk, exchange risk, and commodity risk.

iii. Liquidity Risk

The liquidity risk is defined as the risk of not being able to meet its commitments or not being able to unwind or offset a position by an organization in a timely fashion because it cannot liquidate assets at reasonable prices when required.

Iv.Operational Risk

This risk results from inadequacies in the conception, organization, or implementation of procedures for recording any events concerning the bank’s operations in the accounting system/information systems.

Need for Risk Management and Monitoring:

Risk monitoring in the financial sector is very crucial and an inevitable part of risk management. Risk Monitoring is essential in the financial industry due to the following reasons:

>> Deals in others’ money

>> A direct stake of deposit holder.

>> Much riskier sector than trading and manufacturing.

>> Previous / Recent problems faced by banks i.e. stuck portfolio that is a credit risk.

>> The bankruptcy of Barings Bank due to short selling /extended position that is the market risk.

>> Operational risk does not have an immediate impact, but essential for the continuity and progress of an organization.

>> The appetite of a financial institution to take risk is related to the capital base of the institute, so it carries a considerable risk of overexposure.

ang mo kio licensed moneylender

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