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“Braddell is located northern of Singapore, just next to Toa Payoh. There are Braddell MRT station is an underground Mass Rapid Transit station located on the North South Line in Toa Payoh.”

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Managing Risk in Financial Business

Risk Management and Risk Budgets

A risk budget establishes the tolerance of the board or its delegates to income or capital loss due to market risk over a given horizon, typically one year because of the accounting cycle. Once a yearly risk budget has been established, a system of risk limits needs to be put in place to guard against actual or potential losses exceeding the risk budget. There are two types of risk limits, and both are necessary to constrain losses within the prescribed level (the risk budget).

The first type is stop-loss limits, which control cumulative losses from the mark-to-market of existing positions relative to the benchmark. The second is position limits, which constrain potential damages that could arise from future adverse changes in market prices. Stop-loss limits are set relative to the overall risk budget. The allocation of the risk budget to different types of risk is as much an art as it is a science, and the methodology used will depend on the set-up of the individual investment process. Some of the questions that affect risk allocation include the following:

>> What are the significant market risks of the portfolio?

>> What is the correlation between these risks?

>> How many risk-takers are there?

>> How is the risk expected to be used for a year?

Compliance with stop-loss limits requires frequent, if not daily, performance measurement. Performance is the total return of the portfolio less than the total return of the benchmark. The measure of performance is a critical statistic for monitoring the usage of the risk budget and compliance with stop-loss limits. Position limits also are set relative to the overall risk budget and are subject to the same considerations discussed above. The function of position limits, however, is to constrain potential losses from future adverse changes in prices or yields.

For any business to grow and stay in the market management style is a key and Risk management is the management style of managing the risks. Risk is inherent in every business, and every organization has to manage it according to its size and nature of operation because without it no organization can survive in the long run.

braddell licensed moneylender

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