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Sembawang Licensed Moneylender

Sembawang Licensed Moneylender

Sembawang is northern of Singapore there are well planning with the residential town. Sembawang is on the coast of the Johor Straits and faces Malaysia. This residential district is home to not only HDB flats, luxury condominiums, and black-and-white houses.”

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Financial Tips – To Young Entrepreneurs

Most probably when you were young, you had a desire and dreams with the aspiration of what you would wish to do or become when you grow up, did you desire to be an entrepreneur? One of the greatest gifts of being an entrepreneur is the opportunity to flex your financial strength. They don’t know anything about the financial aspects of business – like payroll, budgeting, statements, profitability, cash flow, taxes, etc. So what happens? We learn as we go!

Set boundaries around your time and money.

This is one that’s difficult for women because we’re people pleasers and we don’t like to say no. But if we want to run a profitable business, we have to set boundaries around our time and our money. When you place limits around your time and our money, you are able to:

>> Charge what you are worth for your services

>> Outsource or delegate tasks

>> Stop saying yes to volunteer projects that steal your joy and leave you filled with resentment

>> Identify the charitable contributions and in-kind donations (pro-bono work) you can commit to for the year and say no to others

>> Stop attending networking meetings that aren’t bringing you to return

>> Collect on unpaid invoices

>> Require payment in advance for your services

>> Attract clients and customers who value your time and will pay what you are worth

From the simple tips, young entrepreneurs need to focus on each of them so that they can attain and reach the goal interest in their businesses which will help them to be financially fit and stable.

sembawang licensed moneylender

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